The Meme Wars Have Only Just Begun



  1. Olorin · August 8

    Pssshff. You kidding?

    Look at that kitchen. Not a lava stone countertop, Italian white Carrara marble backsplash, or Dacor Renaissance 48-inch six-burner 2.8 cf self-cleaning double-convection-oven gas range in the place!

    Plus she’s stirring with a spoon instead of a Hobart N50 gear-driven three-speed five-quart commercial stand mixer.

    And what the hell is that thing on the stove? One of those cheesy Corning percolators in lieu of a Jura Giga 5 or Rancilio Classe 10.

    Not to mention that girl doesn’t have a single comma’s worth of plastic surgery in her.

    And who did her hair? Lilt and a girlfriend? Zheesh. Like, hire a colorist!

    Anyway. If you lust after but can’t afford this…

    …then you have to lust after and farm big crops of Virtue Capital. If you don’t have a child to trannify, that means the long melanistic road to decapitation or worse. Whoever dies with the most broken dreams and capillaries wins!


  2. Seth R G · February 18

    put women back in the kitchen. theyre happier birthing kids, raising kids, and being housemaids. its nature.


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