An Alt-Right Anthem

Libster doofus self-awareness level: NEGATORY, SARGE



  1. WhoWhatWhere · July 31

    Having a look at the guy’s YT channel shows that this is a parody band. All the songs seem to satirize mainstream pop-punk songs. So really, he’s on our side, kinda.


  2. Jim · July 31

    Man, Weezer really changed directions, huh?


  3. greginaurora · July 31

    The fact that they think that’s “ironic” is why they’re now losing the culture war.


  4. ar10308 · July 31

    They’re trying so hard to be satire, but they can’t meme.
    The best part is that Lefties are now writing our anthem’s for us.


  5. mendo · August 1

    hahaha…. great song.

    There’s not having a clue and then there’s these guys. But thanks for them making this song and being dolts.

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  6. magamanlegends · August 1

    It’s beautiful. I love it. The “bone my wife after church” part reminds me – the Jews say that screwing your wife on the Sabbath is a double mitzvah, an extra-good good deed. Hooray for common ground.


  7. Random Guy · August 3

    Turns out the guy isn’t actually a Canadian.
    Just a Judeo-American I think.

    One of the comments on the Youtube was “Is it actually Satire if you just make a list of things the Alt-Right likes?”

    Makes me wonder if that’s why they added the wife beating bit at the end.

    Because who doesn’t want a wife that cleans, an affordable house in a nice neighborhood, straight kids and no debt?


  8. Saint Louis · August 4

    I’d like to get a little better than 7 mpg, but otherwise this place sounds like a paradise.


  9. Dutchman · August 19

    Oh my how terrible it was back then. High paying jobs for working class men that allowed women to stay home and take care of the family, less degeneracy, less crime, Whites able to live in White neighborhoods even if they weren’t affluent, not being indoctrinated to hate yourself and your ancestors, not seeing your children turned into perverts by our “education” system. Yes I can see why they would make fun of anyone having nostalgia for that. I’m so glad for all that progress so we don’t have to endure such abominations.


  10. oink · September 5

    account suspended…

    what was the song/source name?


  11. oink · September 6

    What was the song?


  12. eggplantzzzzz · September 30

    Link is broken. Can someone comment the YT channel name?


  13. Steven McKenzie · January 22

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