An Alt-Right Anthem

Libster doofus self-awareness level: NEGATORY, SARGE



  1. WhoWhatWhere · July 31

    Having a look at the guy’s YT channel shows that this is a parody band. All the songs seem to satirize mainstream pop-punk songs. So really, he’s on our side, kinda.


  2. Jim · July 31

    Man, Weezer really changed directions, huh?


  3. greginaurora · July 31

    The fact that they think that’s “ironic” is why they’re now losing the culture war.


  4. ar10308 · July 31

    They’re trying so hard to be satire, but they can’t meme.
    The best part is that Lefties are now writing our anthem’s for us.


  5. mendo · August 1

    hahaha…. great song.

    There’s not having a clue and then there’s these guys. But thanks for them making this song and being dolts.

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  6. magamanlegends · August 1

    It’s beautiful. I love it. The “bone my wife after church” part reminds me – the Jews say that screwing your wife on the Sabbath is a double mitzvah, an extra-good good deed. Hooray for common ground.


  7. Random Guy · August 3

    Turns out the guy isn’t actually a Canadian.
    Just a Judeo-American I think.

    One of the comments on the Youtube was “Is it actually Satire if you just make a list of things the Alt-Right likes?”

    Makes me wonder if that’s why they added the wife beating bit at the end.

    Because who doesn’t want a wife that cleans, an affordable house in a nice neighborhood, straight kids and no debt?


  8. Saint Louis · August 4

    I’d like to get a little better than 7 mpg, but otherwise this place sounds like a paradise.


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