No More Fake Pride, Just Real Tears Now



  1. mendo · July 10

    Mom doesn’t look too bad–at least she’s thin–and she’s probably there more for the virtue signaling than anything, but it does appear as she’s gritting her teeth, which her hubby hadn’t folded like a wimp.

    And he’s got a grin that’s screaming “Jeez I hope this gets me some sex soon.”


  2. Tiberius · July 10

    Large Hoops sighted.


  3. Olorin · July 11

    Amazing the lengths people will go to to abort their offspring.

    In this case apparently in the approximately 45th trimester.


  4. Docbrownsdelorean · July 11

    God bless James woods. Somehow this effete generation of spineless manlets ignored the wisdom passed on by their ancestors – that fathers have to TEACH their boys how to be men. Allowing your otherwise normal boys to “express” or “explore” faggotry and gender bending lunacy allows children to make decisions that they have no ability to make or understand.
    This isn’t being BRAVE or supportive. It’s being a coward and not putting your foot down and correcting your wife and children’s abhorrent behavior. If this father put away his sons dress and threw him a football the boy would normalize in weeks


  5. Vanamé · July 11

    James Woods. Thank God we still have him with us. A true American shitlord.


  6. goingtothefields · July 11

    They have no idea what words mean.

    They must also hate Spanish. How can you love a language that only caters to two genders?

    Oh, yes, there’s an it…but it’s…it. Not male or female. Just It. Hmm hmmm hmmm.

    Just look at all the Latinate tongues in the world and gendered pronouns and verb forms begin to make perfect sense. Anything that is passive, that can cup and hold and contain, is feminine in article and conjugation. Active things that can poke and cut and pour are masculine in article and conjugation. It’s a great joke on the supposedly learned, whom refuse to see it.


  7. Mathetes · July 11

    I thought this was supposed to be a catalogue of uplifting photos…

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    • Vanamé · July 11

      Yeah, but the celeb snipe was the true feature here


  8. El Krapitan · July 12

    Lol, even Trump retweeted a comment written by James Woods recently.
    Long live the new flesh James.


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