Unclouded Beauty



  1. pdwalker · June 29

    i think there is a lucky man behind that camera.


  2. jeangray07 · June 29

    Look at all that beautiful blonde hair. She’s already done more for the human race than the entity of Hollywood combined.

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  3. A fitting first post.


  4. Ollie · June 30

    A sign from Almighty God that all is not lost, and exactly the kind of strong eyewash to use after seeing the Dunham Horror. Thank you for sharing this image, sir.


  5. FuriousFerret · June 30

    It seems like you have two options for an American white girl to not go lottsa cockas mode.

    1) Sequester them off from mainstream society with bent towards fundamentalist religion.
    2) Have them be ugly frumpy low options women that are bookworms.

    The main problem with the evangelical crowd is that they really think that young girls aren’t going to go secret lotsa cockas mode from 18 – 25 while they get some useless degree for a career in paper pushing. You have to go rural marry right after high school or Amish for a realistic shot at the evangelical model.


  6. Saint Louis · June 30



  7. Return of Shawn · July 2

    Simple, yet beautiful. Of modest means, but pure. Cubicle dwelling females feel the pang in their stomachs upon seeing this.


  8. arcticstormer · July 3

    That really is.


  9. duddy · July 5

    Yeah, but is this actually America (aka hard mode)?


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